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Clifton Palmer is a performance driven, educational based trainer with experience in goals for the general public, rehabilitative, sports specific performance and corrective exercise. He started working as a fitness professional at Equinox Gym in New York, one of the highest rated gyms in the city. There he developed a passion in helping clients reach and exceed their potential and created a solid foundation in making personal training his career. For years he’s developed innovative training programs geared towards the client for continuous improvement, worked in a variety of fitness facilities, developed programs for high profile clientele, CEO’s, treated common sports injuries and written fitness prescriptions for other fitness professionals. With 9 years of experience in the fitness industry and a strong background in contextual based and human performance programming, he has opened his own successful business for private clientele in New York while making time to manage fitness events, and now brings his knowledge and dedication of health and fitness to Cobb and North Atlanta area of Georgia.

He runs a Concierge personal training service which he brings to his client’s location whether it’s their home, office, park or gym. Service for personal training includes physical fitness, flexibility, weight loss and behavioral modification for achieving and retaining said goals. His services are highly unique and unlike many training services his approach is completely individualized and based on facts combined with the individual’s body mechanics to help him develop a program prescription that will guide them to their goals safely and efficiently. Clifton typically oversees every aspect of each step of his client’s training whether he is with them physically or not by tweaking their programs based on current testing and observation for progression in order for clients to reach their goals more efficiently. Working in calibration with the client’s doctor, physical therapist and nutritionist is also necessary for rehabilitation and extreme health conditions. Session’s aren’t based on set patterns but more towards the natural movements, range of motion and functional capacity of that person; this means working with free weights, kettlebell’s, and body movements to name a few fitness implements. The nutrition aspect geared for weight loss, weight gain or shaping again is set to the client’s specific goals and if need be, working on the triggers that discourages us from staying on the path of health and fitness. He also works on flexibility, mobility and active range of motion in order to improve the body’s ability to work more efficiently no matter what the task.

In addition to being an adept fitness professional, he is also a Martial Arts teacher (Sensei) and holds a black belt in Koga-ryu Shinobi-no-jutsu. He is a practitioner in Ninjutsu (stealth and evasion), Jujutsu (unarmed defense/art of pliancy), Kobujutsu (traditional weaponry), and Hadaka Korosu (using everyday objects as a self defense implement) and was a part of a demonstration team at Aaron Banks “Oriental World of Self Defense” in Manhattan, NY and Alan Goldberg’s “Action Martial Arts Magazine Mega Expo” in Atlantic City, NJ.

Clifton Holds these current Certifications; ACSM, NASM, ECITS Level 2, KBC Level 2 – Metabolic and Neurological Adaptation Specialist