Do you have a customer satisfaction or refund policy?

Yes. If you choose Reality Personal Training and follow our programs as prescribed by our Trainers and Dietitians and you do NOT reach your goals. You will receive 100% of your money back. Our programs are guaranteed.

What are your rates?

Our per session rate is $75 for our basic programs and $85 to $95 for our specialty programs. The total amount will depend on which of our programs you choose.

What makes you different from other fitness trainers?

Our staff goes through a rigorous certification and education process and they have been hand picked by our directors. Our trainers are required to maintain current CPR, Current certifications, continuing education and maintain their liability insurance.

Do you provide dietary advice?

NO Personal Trainers SHOULD NOT be dispensing dietary information unless they have a degree or licensure...We have qualified Registered Dietitians that are part of our program. Some of our dietitians are trainers in addition to their specialty.

Where do you train your clients? Do you train clients in their own home?

Training is primarily done in the home. In some cases We have contracted with facilities that allow independent trainers to rent space. If this is your need there may be an additional charge.

What approach do you take with your clients?

Each trainer and client will have specific ways of learning and interacting. Our trainers have been educated to deal with training utilizing a variety of methods. Ideally after speaking to a potential client we can match a trainer to your personality type or any specialties you request.

What is your educational background?

Please see the above.

What are your qualifications? Have you been professionally trained or certified?

Most of the RPT trainers are Certified through the East Coast Instructor Training School, teach for the school and/or have additional Certifications and Education. ECITS was the first program licensed by the NY State Dept of Education. Please see our bios for individual information and certifications.

Do you provide any guarantees on results?

Yes we do!! 100%!! If you follow our program to the letter and do not have the desired results you will be given a FULL refund.

Do I need a home gym in order to train at home?

No. Our trainers are creative and educated and can challenge you with a minimal of equipment.